Mar 032011

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/250; 100mm (Canon SX10)

More from January’s QIA Pow Wow Gem and Mineral show.  When I took this one, I didn’t have the confidence that the bear would be able to be seen separate from the rest of the animals carved from Malachite.  In some ways it wasn’t — but with the help of Aperture, I was able to bring out the bear a bit more.

My apologies for only getting to post these photos now…

By the way, I have decided to use the Alphabet  for rocks, gems and minerals.  I was going to go in alphabetical order, but decided that would be an immense undertaking.   Instead, I’ll post as I find them and then I can always do a collage when I’m done.

  7 Responses to “28. M is for Malachite”

  1. Great shot, you got the Bear to pop out from among the others.

  2. great color and the different patterns. I know what would have happened if I was there and spotted a dog…

  3. Love the color and patterns in these!

  4. OK–I thought the petrosky (?) stones looked like turtles under a spell–now we truly have enchanted animals that have been turned to stone!

  5. I would love to have that bear in my hand, such beautiful greens and interesting patterns.

  6. They are all outstanding and the Bruin ain’t no ruin!

  7. Looks to be a fun place especially if one is into beading.

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