Feb 172013

book 1681



I saw this man sitting in the sun and reading his book when I was walking back from the Quartzsite Annual Quilt Show (yes, quilt photos are coming!).  This was taken with the Canon SX10IS at 100 mm zoom, and possibly digitally pushing the zoom more .  I also took other photos, backing  off the zoom to show him more in his surrounds, but I liked this one the best.  I doctored it up in Topaz Simplicity and further edited it in Aperture.

  5 Responses to “2103-33 BOOK”

  1. I love the portraits of the Quartzite people! Your processing of them is just wonderful!

  2. Love the processing, but most of all love the composition. Love these everyday compositions and you managed to turn it into a piece of art!

  3. Great processing on this this gent reading his book, I especially like his white hair against his tanned face.

  4. The subject matter is super and the composition, placing him between the broad straight line of the post and those intriguing curved shapes is genius.

  5. I really like portraits of people absorbed in what they are doing, The development you have done is subtle and compliments the subject matter nicely. Great stuff.

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