Mar 302013

pink prickly pear 1705

pink 1704

These Prickly Pear Cactus blossoms were taken last weekend at the Joshua Tree National Park (I’m slow to post, we’ve had some Internet issues). These are in blossom all over town as well and I can’t get enough pictures. Since these were the first ones I saw this season, I am posting them. Besides, I love the background in the top photo.

Mar 292013

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1703

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1702

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1704

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1705Of

Joshua Tree National Park in California in bloom. We visited on March 24, 2013. This is something that I’ve always wanted to see! When I had read in DesertUSA that the trees were in bloom, I suggested we take a drive… it is only 90 miles west of here.

Joshua Tree National Park consists of two deserts, the Colorado (a.k.a. Sonoran Desert) and the Mohave Desert. Each supports different plant life, although as you’d expect some plants, such as the Mohave Yucca, exists in both deserts. The Joshua Tree is uniquely a Mohave Desert species.

Mar 172013

bread pudding 1696

I never remember to take a picture of the bread pudding before we dive into it and with two people nibbling away at it, it goes very fast.  Carl and I have been watching our calories for the last 7 months and we both are slimmer for it.  But sometimes we like to have a treat, and if we share it is only half the calories…

Mar 172013


lunch 1694

This is the woman who made the man in the canoe (see previous photo). I don’t know either of them, but they do represent the general population here in this small town, which is mostly senior citizens.  This photo is taken in the Mountain Quail Restaurant and from her signature on the canoe, her name is Mary Seely.

Mar 172013

paper 1692

This is made from a paper  place setting holder and a straw wrapper. It was a gift from the woman who sat in the booth next to us; she made it while they waited for their lunch to arrive. Isn’t it adorable? I especially like that she signed it.