Feb 102013

old 1679

This elderly man is clearing the sand from a fossil of a prehistoric predecessor to the alligator/crocodile.  My theme refers to the fossil. But as the man put it, he’s almost as old as the fossil.

old man 1680


As he explained the process of cleaning the fossil… I asked permission to take his picture.  Then I looked around and found an Ammonite pendant that I could afford.  His wife came out of the trailer, slowly, and dug for my change.  I am very impressed that this couple still come back year after year to do the Quartzsite shows.

old woman getting change 1681

Today is the last day of the show.  They intend to stay in Quartzsite for at least another week before they head back to Seligman, AZ… since it is still snowing up there.



Feb 102013

passenger 1689

Update 3-2-13: I bought Topaz B&W when it was on sale. Now I’m seeing what it can do. I know this is not my best photo, but thought I’d see if I’d like it better with some extra processing.

passenger 1677

Backseat driver who gave just one too many directions and it was “off with her head?”

Found in parking lot at grocery store… at least she got out of the Saturday chores.