2013 Participants


Here are all of the participants in the 2013 Photo Challenge. Click on their sites to go to their beautiful blogs. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!  My goal is to visit 3-4 blogs everyday.

Anya –
Bobbie (bfcoughlin) -s-
Bonnie (Capture What Counts) -s-
Cassandra (My Little Project)
Cathy (4 Paws for Thought) -s-
Christine (TwoApples) –
Clara (Bamagirl) -s-
Deena (dspec01)
Eleanor (victry1) -s-
Ellen -s-
Gemma (gemstar) -s-
Gerridae -s-
Ivor  -s-
Jacki (Jackscrap) -s
Jens (Jinxy) -s
Jeremy (metallicxsquink) -s-
Jes (sicahjes)
Joanie (Poanster) -s-
Karen (KLSbear) -s-
KarenAnn (Gerberbaby1) -s-
Linda (Lindhawk) -s-
Linda Judd
Lois & John (lsvejda) -s-
Lorri (lsweeny) -s-
Lynda (Lynda1uk)  -s-
LZDesignZ –
Madelaine (Madcap) -s-
Mike (Boomer3297) -s-
Nan (kancyning) -s-
Patty (pcphoto) -s-
Pete (Zeria) -s-
Ron (Danudin) -s-
Rhonda-Lynne (Painted Meadow) -s-
Sandy (ssh1525) -s-
Sherrie –
Simone (STorkington) -s-
Steph -s-
Steve -s-
Sue -s-
Sunny (Lionsleeps) -s-
Tammy (Chesney) -s-
Tony (TonyW) -s-
Tracey (Jonesy) -s-
Val (Vawitt) -s-

Mary Lou will not be joining in our challenge, but she does have a blog and would love you to stop in and say hi! She shares some great tutorials for photoshop elements!

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