Jun 302013

birdhouse 1738

With this heat wave, it is hard to get enough exercise… so I decided to walk laps around the park at 6:30 this morning. Of course I have my camera with me and even though my goal is not to stop, sometimes I see things that are worthwhile such as this birdhouse that I’d never noticed before.  It sits on top of a slightly peaked roof shed, so it is a difficult one to straighten.  I chose the fence line for better or worse.

One of my goals for my two week “staycation” is to go through the Topaz Quick Tips and Tutorial.  I used Adjust 5 after watching the Advanced Toning class.

  3 Responses to “2013-98 CROOKED”

  1. …….and they all lived together in a little crooked house! Love this shot and the processing. Sometimes staycations are better than vacations IMO.

  2. I love that birdhouse…and I love that it is not straight…bet the birds don’t mind. Hope you get a bit cooler soon!

  3. Birds aren’t put off by unstraight lines.

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