Jun 122013

tree 1733

It’s really too hot for a desert ride this time of year… but we took a quick trip on Sunday anyway. Although it was a beautiful sunny day, this tree made me want to experiment with Topaz B&W (after I ran it through Topaz Clarity).

You can see “Q” Mountain in the background..   The Q is for Quartzsite.

After seeing Ron’s comment, I decided to post the original…  so why would I take away the colors?  Because I could.

Here’s the original:

tree in color 1733

By this way, this is an old Ironwood Tree. The wood is so hard that one of my elderly customer’s told me that when he was a kid he used to go to the general store, buy dynamite, and blast the old trees for firewood.

  7 Responses to “2013-85 MONOTONE”

  1. I like your B&W version.

  2. Great shot and the processing into B&W really suits this image. The colour version is nice too.

  3. I love the color too…but the black and white does make it rather dramatic and brings out the details!

  4. I can’t imagine why you would want to take away those wonderous desert colours.

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