Jan 162013

Saturday was a perfect day for taking a photos of flags because it was so windy… these flags fly around the perimeter of La Mesa RV Sales. La Mesa is only in Quartzsite for 3 months.. the majority of the year it is a large fenced in empty parking lot. And then sometime in December we see the flags go up, and almost overnight, like magic, the lot is filled with high-end new RVs. And then the banners are unfurled inviting anyone and everyone to free pancake breakfast.

If you are wondering about the Canadian flags… Quartzsite has a huge migration of Canadians each winter. Rumor has it they have more money to spend than the Americans. ¬†Everyone welcomes the Canadians.

  5 Responses to “2013-8 FLAGS”

  1. I like the way you captured the vertical lines of the flag poles and the subtle angled line as the flags move from corner to corner.

  2. The crisp blue sky does set the scene for this great display of flags.

  3. How nice that you are posting again! Glad to see a bright desert sky.

    One thing I noticed is the flag on the right just says ‘lame’

  4. Love all the colors and the hints of movement! Perfect!

  5. I would have liked to see the Southern Cross represented LoL

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