Jan 132013

Fill the Frame 1657

The head of a wooden cigar Indian.

  6 Responses to “2013-7 FILL THE FRAME”

  1. Great side light really brings out the texture in this well filled frame.

  2. Love all the colors and textures!

  3. Filling the frame gives it a painterly quality. Very nice!

  4. Welcome Back Stranger. Love this Folk Art Stuff too.

    • Thanks, Ron! I am loving looking at everyone’s photos… and I like that this challenge is motivating me to get out and about with my cameras. I certainly would have punked out yesterday with an excuse that it is “too cold” (48F)… but then I saw fellow blogger snow photos…

  5. Not something I’d like to run into in the dark, he looks larger than life and fills the frame perfectly.

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