Apr 292013

capture 1718

We went to Algodones, Mexico a week ago Saturday.  It’s just over the border from Yuma, AZ. The main attraction is eye doctors and dentists and one can’t point a camera in any direction without seeing one or the other or both.   I like to shoot photos as I’m walking just to see what I capture — sometimes I see more in the photo than I noticed as a tourist.  I like this one the best of all that I took that day.  What do you think?


Alto means Stop – the man in the road is picking up pencils, but we don’t know if he dropped them or if someone else did.:

alto means stop 1718

A lot of my captures feature Carl in them because I’m always stopping… and he keeps walking.

capture 1719

A man is trying to sell a tri-legged stool embossed with a football team logo to Carl.  Of course Carl wasn’t interested, but that doesn’t stop him (or any of the vendors) from trying hard.

capture 1720

Since it was my birthday weekend, I treated myself to a new sterling silver necklace.  It was too long and so he took a piece off…  and then offered to sell that section as a bracelet.  The necklace was $30 — he offered to sell it for $20 since he was making it shorter, then he sold me the bracelet for $10.  For the set, I thought that was good.



  3 Responses to “2013-69 CAPTURE”

  1. I like your processing on the photos. My favorite is the street scene.

  2. What a colorful place…so full of personality! The necklace and bracelot makes for a perfect birthday! :)

  3. I’d guess the bicycalist but that is me! I love all of the turista shots.

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