Apr 232013

vacation 1710

This family, especially the young girl, were quite frantic. The boat’s engine had died and the wind was blowing them further and further from the dock. When we first arrived at the boat ramp (in Alamo Lake State Park in AZ), we saw the man pushing the boat along with an oar and we assumed, since they were on the wrong side of the buoys that the were aground. But soon after this thought, we heard the young girl’s blood curdling plea for HEL-L-L-P!!! We were only on shore and couldn’t do much but look around to see if anyone else was noticing this desperate, frantic cry. And yes, suddenly all the men coming into the docks were on their way back out to help this family.

I took this with my new Canon Powershot SX 50Hs which has a super zoom ┬álens… not the best picture but better than I would have been able to get with the older camera. Can you see the young girl hollering for help? And what about the young boy (furthest to the right) who is looking towards shore, when everyone else is yelling & waving towards the dock.

I don’t think they were ever in danger; they yelled at one point that they were taking on water and I studied the water line but there was no evidence of it sinking. ┬áStill, I find this photo rather humorous, probably because I never thought any harm would happen to them outside of creating some horrible childhood family vacation memories.

  2 Responses to “2013-65 FRANTIC”

  1. The look on that little girl’s face say it all! Great timing!

  2. The Blue canopy could have been used as a sail, and all those young people could have wielded paddles effective ly, and what about the anchor – Storm in a teacup!

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