Apr 202013

impressionist 1711

Took several pictures of the solid field of flowers… but this patch was nearby and just had a sparse few. It reminded me of an impressionist painting and thus I applied the Topaz Buzz Sim (with detail turned up) to it– and it turned exactly as I wanted. This was found outside of Yuma (near the date shake farm).

  8 Responses to “2013-63 ART (Impressionist)”

  1. Fantastic processing

  2. One to be framed for sure!

  3. When I first saw this it brought Manet to mind and is how I think he would have depicted ballerinas in a field.

  4. Really, really nice!

  5. LOVE the picture, LOVE the processing! Definately a framer! Gorgeous!

    • Tammy, I have never printed any of my digital photos, never mind frame one. But I agree with you… I should try this one. Have you ever tried printing on the canvas? If so, who did you use?

  6. Great processing.

  7. Wow, this turned out to be a masterpiece, great processing!

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