Apr 082013



We went back out on our ATV yesterday… and found our first rattlesnakes! Scary! Fortunately we were on the ATV already… not walking although we had been walking only moments earlier. I was ready to flee the area, but Carl stopped to let me take pictures.

This was taken with my brand new SX50 HS with a great telephoto lens. I processed the photos by reducing the yellow in Aperture and then painting the yellow back in on the snakes so that they can be seen, otherwise they are very will camouflaged by nature.

  6 Responses to “2013-60 AVOID”

  1. I’m running from your pictures! Ewwwwwwww (but fabulous capture)….I can’t believe you stuck around to capture these! One brave photographer.

  2. Oh, that is one absolutely avoid! Great series.

  3. Scary creatures! Like your processing!

  4. Glad you weren’t elbow to elbow with this critter earlier when you lay on the ground to take that photo!

  5. Oh, my! Fabulous pictures of very scary creatures (to me). I love how you desaturated everything but the subject. It makes for very striking photos (ha! pun intended).

  6. Is it true that SOME Rattlesnakes can’t talk and they just bite you to say Hello?

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