Apr 062013

action 1706

Carl and I head out for a ride in the desert on our Canam 2-up quad. This unusual camera angle gives the image the feel of action. To be honest, the pictures an accident I started to take a picture, but Carl started driving again and I gave up on the picture but the 2-sec delay kicked in as may arm was lowering the camera — in other words, I doubt I could repeat this again with good results.

  3 Responses to “2013-59 ACTION”

  1. interesting angle.

  2. I just knew that you would be a backseat driver and here is the Proof! – No Carl, go this way not that way, watch out for that Yucca, don’t run over the Road Runner Beep Beep!

  3. Lucky shot! It’s really good. It does, indeed, give the feeling of action, and it shows just enough of the bike to tease me into wanting to see more. I think it could be the photo for an ad

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