Mar 302013

pink prickly pear 1705

pink 1704

These Prickly Pear Cactus blossoms were taken last weekend at the Joshua Tree National Park (I’m slow to post, we’ve had some Internet issues). These are in blossom all over town as well and I can’t get enough pictures. Since these were the first ones I saw this season, I am posting them. Besides, I love the background in the top photo.

  6 Responses to “2013-57 PINK”

  1. That pink is really stunning against the browns of the desert! Those are definately an eye stopper!

  2. Very beautiful cactus…Amazingly tough and yet the flower looks so delicate!

  3. Those are really pretty. I love the top one. The vibrant colors against the arid background are wonderful.

  4. Amazing how something as unattractive as a cactus can produce something so spellbinding, what show they must put on when all flowering together.

  5. Two stunning images, such lovely colours, well shot.

  6. Desert blooms have super needs hence super colours.

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