Mar 032013

bush in wash flowers 1690

I was walking home through the wash yesterday when I saw this flowering bush. I’ve seen this one and similar many times but usually we are on the ATV and moving too fast for me to get it. I do not know name the name of the bush/flower.

The top photo has been processed with Topaz Detail and Topaz Simplify (Buzz Sim 2) which brings out a bit more of the yellow in the flower.

The photo below is the natural bush in the wash.

bush in wash 1689

  5 Responses to “2013-45 BUSH”

  1. Perfect processing to enhance the qualities of this bush!

  2. I think you made the flowers of that bush into a work of art.

  3. Love the top image, great colours and texture.

  4. Really love the natural version…the colors are perfect!

  5. With all our water recently – our bush will be running amuck!

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