Mar 022013

honky tonk blues 1690


Everyone has a favorite place to take photos. One of mine is Celia’s Garden in Quartzsite, especially when everything is in bloom and the birds are at the feeders. ┬áThis time of year it is rather barren… and this year more so than ever due to the especially cold winter in which we actually had a killing frost a few nights in a row.

Anyway, Celia’s Garden is a memorial for people who have lived in this town and the place is named after a girl who died too young, but had a vision for this place… brought to life my her parents.

  9 Responses to “2013-44 OFF BEAT/QUIRKY”

  1. A great photo … and a nice story about the garden.

  2. That is just sooooo funny. What a subject for a photo and what a photo too. :)

  3. I love your framing and processing…can almost hear his melody!

  4. Your processing really brings out the beauty of this place, not to mention the rusty musician.

  5. What a great photo and lovely treatment. I think Celia would approve!

  6. I know the song “It’s not easy being rusty Red”!

  7. Perfect processing for this dude…another want for my garden! :)

  8. I love this! It’s just so appealing. The cute shape, the rusty texture, and the gorgeous desert scenery in the background, including, of course, the cactus.

  9. I like the simplified finish to this fun photo.

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