Feb 252013

canine 1689

I happened to meet this scruffy little dog on Sunday while we were visiting one of Carl’s friends. We never formally introduced ourselves to each other, but I asked if I could take his picture and I believe he said yes, although I’m a bit weak on my canine speak.

  8 Responses to “2013-43 CANINE”

  1. He is giving you a great pose, I think….so full of character and soulfulness!

  2. He has that doggie pose going on, lol. Nice composition.

  3. What a wise little face, and the knowledge of the universe shines from those eyes. (And he knows he’s regal inside, even if most folks can’t see past the scruffy outside!)

    What a great portrait, you brought out his wonderful dignified expression!

  4. He knows how to pose … great shot!

  5. At first I thought you’d taken a picture of me when I first awoke this a.m.! Seriously, that’s a dog that’s so homely he’s cute.

  6. Love your new scruffy friend…what a beautiful portrait of this little charmer!

  7. My canine speak is perfect and he is saying” Oh what a star has to do to keep the Papparatzzi Placated”!

  8. I love his ‘bed hair’ look, all natural and flying in the wind.

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