Jan 132013

Buffalo Bill's Trading Post 1654

In the old wild west, trading posts were a major point of commerce. Although I cannot verify the veracity as to whether or not Bill Cody actually owned this “world famous” trading post, I can vouch that this sign is authentic and came from its namesake store in Cave Creek, Arizona (northwest of Phoenix).

Swap meet owner, Beverly, ┬ápurchased it many years ago in Cave Creek and swore she would never part with it. But alas, as I came upon her booth, the new sign owner was getting ready to add it to haul from her day in Quartzsite. (I couldn’t believe that she had any more room in her SUV!) Beverly was sad to let the sign go, but she also felt that it would not make it through another Quartzsite summer. The new sign owner will be bringing it to her shop in Tahoe, California.

This trade was in cash, and not in Native American goods as it would have happened in the 19th and even early 20th century.

  3 Responses to “2013-4 COMMERCE”

  1. God saved the Bison Bill Trading Post Sign.

  2. Even though it’s lost a bit of colour this sign is still quite catchy.

  3. Interesting history behind this old sign…I am in love w/ the fading colors and the textures, both really show off it’s history!

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