Feb 182013



The yellow Brittle Bush flowers are always the first sign of spring in this western part of Arizona. I’m not sure where my fear of bees has gone… trying to get the perfect shot seems to have cured it.

  6 Responses to “2013-34 SPRING”

  1. so vibrant and yellow and so SPRING! Everything in the north east is looking UGLY at the moment, snow partially melted and brown on the side of the roads and not a bud in sight :(

  2. Lucky you to have spring already, here in Sweden the snow is falling in great big flakes at the moment, we had nearly 2 cm of snow over night as well. Your photo cheered me up immensely :-)

  3. Yellow is such a happy colour, and that bee is too pre-occupied to be worried about you taking such a great photo.

  4. Amazing how your fears disappear when you really want a shot lol Wonderful Spring image…I am jealous…we are supposed to be getting a lot of snow in the next few days…I want to see color like you!

  5. Boy is that Bee out of Hibernation early Careful Judi I hear that they can be grumpy when they wake up (Or is that bears?) I sometimes get them mixed up!

  6. Great composition including the unfurled blooms. I like the light reflecting off the bees wings.

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