Feb 072013

whiteout 1677


Several years ago, Carl and I drove from NH to Florida looking for blue skies and palm trees.  We spent most of one day driving through the small state of Maryland in a white-out winter storm. (We joked that neither one of us had ever spent so much time in Maryland!)  I recently took a photo of our “winter” as seen through the rear view mirror on our quad… and photoshopped them together.

  8 Responses to “2013-30 WHITE OUT”

  1. Very, very creative. What everyone in the snowstorm must be thinking.

  2. This captures my weekend perfectly. I was in the blizzard, dreaming of my neighbour who was in florida… lucky girl! Really fun idea

  3. I think I would turn the car around.Very inventive.

  4. Nice work on the composite image . As I write this, it is snowing outside with an expectation of up to 12 inches. yikes!

  5. Now that is a contrasting view…love your creativity on this one! I prefer the blue skies!

  6. Blue skies and palms win out every time, it must be a nightmare to be out driving in all that white stuff.

  7. Do not adjust your monitors you are Entering the Twilight Zone! Great fun combo.

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