Feb 022013

beads 1673

Every year I take at least one photo of this collection of rock beads… they are arranged beautifully by complimentary colors.  I was talking to the booth owner and my eyes kept going back to these colors… so I (actually) asked permission and he said go ahead.  And then he walked me to another booth to show me a rock he liked.  Was he trying to get me out of his booth?  Here are some previous photos:



  7 Responses to “2013-28 COLLECTION”

  1. Great display with eye catching colors

  2. This is very pleasing to the eyes…one of my favorite color combos!

  3. Great colours and I love how you filled the frame with these great looking rock beads.

  4. It is understandable why you are drawn to these beauties, I really like your composition.

  5. I love your photos of the necklaces. Well done! (Makes me wish I could have shopped there . . .)

  6. Mmmmm. Those are delicious colors and textures.

  7. Back to Bling Central!

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