Jan 312013

portraiture 1673

Another portrait… She looks to be Native American as well with those long beautiful silver braids. This event is called a “Pow Wow” but it is not really an Native American event… but since many Native American’s make jewelry they are vendors. By the way, this event has been held annually since 1967.

  8 Responses to “2013-26 SILVER”

  1. Wonderful street portrait.

  2. The silver braid is the first thing that I noticed and it led me into the photo.

  3. Hi Judi,
    Beautiful shot! Love the look on her face. Have a great day!


  4. Great angle to show off that beautiful braid…she also captured tons of character in that expression! Nice!

  5. Shoot first, ask questions later……she appears to be squinting at something or someone in the distance, is it you?

    • Not me, I’m off to the other side… She must be scouting out her next customer! By the way, I changed the theme to SILVER. My original choice bugged me as wrong for this photo.

  6. Obviously Native Americans don’t have the same fear of being photographed as a vast Number of Native Australians do. But their origins go back over a documented 60,000 years five times as long as the Native Americans who I guess could be said to have Modern Beliefs! LoL

    • To be honest Ron, I don’t think she knows that I took her picture. I didn’t exactly ask for permission… thus I can never use this for professional purposes. I used my zoom lens from a distance in a crowd.

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