Jan 092013

Brown 1654

Desert Thorn-apple in Winter. Found in Tyson Wash, Quartzsite, AZ 1-6-13. In spring and summer this will be a green sphere (still with spikes) and will have beautiful white night blooming flowers. It is part of the night shade family and poisonous.

  8 Responses to “2013-2 BROWN”

  1. That is a Burr I wouldn’t want under my saddle blanket, even if ya did make it pretty.

  2. Fascinating and very nicely presented – the frame works nicely with the image and adds to the theme as well!

  3. This is stunning and I love that you gave it a brown frame. It really enhances the picture in this instance. By the way I love your list of techniques to try/practice… I am RIGHT there with you!

  4. Hi Judi,
    Very pretty even though it’s brown and poisonous. Have a great day!


  5. I am excited to see the wild flowers in your blog. We will have fun sharing botany pics over the year. Cheers

  6. Wow that looks like it would hurt! Great shot and info. Welcome to the challenge.

  7. The strong diagonal with the starburst in the middle makes for a great composition.

  8. Beautiful tiny details in this macro! Love the frame, it really enhances the image!

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