Jan 212013

purple 1668I love old bottles and have a small collection which I mostly found myself years ago. These bottle likely started out as clear color but with exposure to sunlight turned “sun-purpled”  or amethyst. As I look at my own collection, I see that I don’t have any bottles this color.  I may have to buy one the next time I pass this booth, they had hundreds of purple bottles…


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  1. Love the shot of the purple bottles!

    I collect (or used to–don’t keep so many now) cobalt blue items. Once upon a time, my whole kitchen was furnished with cobalt blue: dishes, glasses, silverware handles, even my KitchenAid mixer is cobalt blue. I still have some of it, and I still love it.

  2. Mmmm. Beautiful colors in that glass! Until recently I had an old milk bottle collection. In our recent move I sold my collection, en masse, to a good friend (for very little) to keep them all together in a good home.

  3. This is a beautiful image. The monotone colors and repeating shapes make for a great composition.

  4. Love how they are almost iradescent! Beautiful composition!

  5. Wow! That’s a smashing image. Great composition and colour.

  6. Looks like you’ve hit the purple jackpot with this collection of bottle.

  7. That normally only oxxurs when there was Manganese present in the silica used to make the glass, most modern glass making prevents that, so people who fake them run the bottles through an MRI device which has the same effect. Never pay big money for a modern looking bottle that colour – it is a fake.

    • Ron.. thanks for the tip. I’ll look for the normal “old bottle” signs (mold lines, cork top) and hope that I don’t get taken too badly. But given that the most I’ll pay is $3 or $4, there is not much to lose.

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