Aug 112013

the pass 1769 (1)

Many Saturday afternoons, we head to Blythe, CA to get a coffee & snack at Starbucks.  It’s a twenty minute drive on I-10 each way;  I never tire of looking at the scenery and after a week of working inside, it is good to remember why I’m here.  This is my favorite part on the return trip back to Quartzsite, AZ.  I love the colors and I like to imagine what it was like before the highway made it easy to get to through the pass. This section is part of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, a.k..a. CRIT land. I love living here.  (And I love Saturdays!)

This was process with Topaz denoise (very light) and Clarity.  Nothing else.  And it was taken through the car windshield.


  4 Responses to “2013-126 SATURDAY”

  1. Great scenery I admit but it seems funny to spend twice as much on the Gas than you do on the coffee, surely you can make it at home? LoL

    • Good point Ron — but we have a Toyota Prius C — so it really doesn’t cost that much to go for our scenic coffee ride! And maybe I can make the coffee here… but not the pastry, which we usually have to have with our coffee!

  2. Beautiful image.

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