Aug 112013

damselfly 1768

Here is a surprise. ┬áDragonflies and Damselflies are aquatic insects, yet they can be found in the Sonoran Desert when there is a source of water. I found this one when the wash flooded last month (I’m behind on my photos). ┬áSince there are no fish to eat them, they can be successful in the desert. ┬áNot only is a damselfly more dainty, but it is distinguished from the dragonfly by the way its wings are folded over the body.

I processed this one using Topaz denoise, clarity (masking out background) and then restyle.



  3 Responses to “2013-125 WINGS”

  1. An amazing shot of an amazing creature…perfect!

  2. Those killers go anywhere there is food, and have done for millions of years.

  3. Fantastic! Love the definition in the fragile wings.

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