Aug 102013

dandelion weed 1765

This is my first experiment with the new TOPAZ RESTYLE. I haven’t purchased it yet… but I’m sure I will before the month is out. I’d only recently started using tone mapping and this program is all about using that technique. Talk about being a kid in a candy store!


Here is the photo before I applied TOPAZ DENOISE,  CLARITY and  RESTYLE Rainforest Green.

dandelion weed -original 1766

  3 Responses to “2013-124 DANDELION/WEED”

  1. The detail you’ve captured in your original shot is incredible but the after shot is stupendous!!!! I was on the fence about restyle but you have pushed me over! Thanks Judi!

  2. I also have found stunning weeds to snap!

  3. Wow what a difference. I am going to look into Topaz Restyle ASAP.

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