Jul 282013

road 1759


This scenic highway is CA-62 which we took from Vidal Junction  to Twentynine Palms to visit Joshua Tree National Park.

  4 Responses to “2013-120 ROAD”

  1. That takes my breath away. That is a landscape we just wouldn’t see in the UK. That road looks like it goes on for ever. At least if you fell asleep at the wheel there isn’t much to run into!

    As for Ron’s comment, having been to Australia I would have to say that there they are supposed to drive on the correct side, but it doesn’t necessarily follow. :)

    • Ivor — I’m from crowded New England in northeast of the US and have only lived in the Southwest US for 4+ years. I am still in awe of the wide open space here.

  2. This photo takes my breath away. The leading line of highway seems to go on forever. We would love to travel that highway.

  3. We have them in Australia but we drive on the correct side!

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