Jul 212013

Kuehn Road Closed 1756

Carl and I went to Blythe for a cup of coffee yesterday… needed the caffeine after the previous nights thunder boomers… on the way back we got off the highway at Dome Rock Road and then after talking about some new rumored development going on, we stayed straight on Kuehn Road to check it out. Well… we weren’t thinking about the wash flowing… and we came across this road block. Isn’t it pretty? This was taken at 3:15pm.

  4 Responses to “2013-117 ON THE ROAD”

  1. Oops, what happened here?

  2. Pretty but also looks to be very damaging to the road.

  3. Lorrie – the washes are a natural part of the desert. They are created over time (and I mean a long time) by the water running off the mountains. Although we experienced the rain this time, it is not our local rain, but the rain that falls on the mountains that fills the washes. Since there are thousands of washes throughout the southwest, cities like Phoenix and Tucson tend to fill the washes with concrete in order to control where the water goes and prevent erosion. Washes are also called arryos, ditches, gulches or dry creeks. Some are even dry rivers… the Hassayampa River in Wickenburg is dry as a bone, but yet it is called a river. It is just one of the things that fascinates me about the desert.

  4. This shot and the two in the previous post are really interesting. Was the wash built to manage run off from developed areas – parking lots, neighborhoods etc. – or is it a natural low area? Looks like you must have had a LOT of rain quickly to create such a large (albeit temporary) river!

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