Jul 212013

Tyson Wash 1755

About 3am Saturday morning we woke to a terrific thunder and lightening… and rain. The wash filled and was still flowing well at 11:30 am (when I finally went out to see what it looked like… was very tired from lack of sleep!).

Later in the day we took another look — this is what it looked like at 3:30pm:
Tyson Wash at 3-30pm 1757

You can see the cement sewer openings again and there is a lot less water under the bridge.  (I should have stood in the same, but I had a different camera with me on the second picture and didn’t think about it until I started working on the photos last night.)

Anyway, this is where we usually start off our ATV trips (see here) since we have to entrances from our park into the wash and from the wash we can get most anywhere for great adventure. But not on days like this! Not unless we add a kayak to our toy collection. But even then it would have to be a quick trip since it is only a temporary river.

  2 Responses to “2013-116 RIVER”

  1. Oh my . . . so much water.

  2. It’s not called a wash for nothing. We saw the effect on Las Vegas on our News.

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