Jul 142013

i-60 1752

After the rains on Thursday, we took a road trip to Surprise, AZ to pick up a few things at Trader Joe’s. We take the old route 60 rather than I-10, which is very scenic and offers better gas mileage for our Prius. I always love when we get the part of the trip where we start to see the layer of mountains in the distance. Normally, it is clear blue skies. These monsoon clouds added an extra layer to the landscape .

  5 Responses to “2013-112 CLOUDS”

  1. That is one amazing cloud shot! Love it!

  2. Love the definition in the clouds…I can feel the clouds moving!

  3. Love all the layers and depth in this shot as well as those lovely southwest colors that don’t seem to be found anywhere else.

  4. Top Vistas both above and below the horizon.

  5. Love the depth that the many layers in this lovely landscape composition create.

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