Jul 142013

wet 1750

Monsoon season eventually brings buckets of rain… at least for a few hours. This was taken on Thursday… no chance to go out and play in the desert on this day!

Even though we have an awning over the front and side of our home, everything gets wet when it rains this hard, including our front windows.

I have been working on thinning out old photos within Aperture (goal is delete 5000 photos before I return to work on Monday) and also doing a better job of organizing the photos, including adding keywords.  There is a lot of personal history being unearthed and was surprised to learn that it was  approximately one year ago when the washes last filled. For some reason I thought it occurred in August each year, but photos reveal that had I looked at my photos before taking my vacation I would have know that this two week period is the time of record highs and record deluge.

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  1. I can almost hear the rain hitting the window . . . the droplets are so clear.

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