Jul 082013

prince albert in a can lighter 1750

(ring – ring)
store: Hello
teenage girl: Hello, do you have Prince Albert in a Can?
store: Well, yes, we do.
teenage girl: Well you better let him out!
(hang up)
(giggle, giggle, giggle)

Tell me you didn’t think of this when you saw the can. I suspect with the invention of caller ID, it is impossible to do prank phone calls the way we used to do as kids. (Am I dating myself?)

I processed this with Topaz Lens Effect.

My college friend Carol talked me into seeing what they sell in tobacco stores.  We are both ex-smokers… and learned that we independently quit within months of each other in 1995.

  5 Responses to “2013-108 PHONE (Prank)”

  1. Firstly, that’s an awesome photo….I love how you put the focus on the can. Second…….shh……we used to do that prank. Also, Hello, this is public service. Is your refrigerator running? Yes, well you better go catch it! 😆

  2. Fun, fun, fun!! Great shot and title.

  3. LOL!
    I do remember that phone prank.

  4. I gave up after the Heart Attacks.

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