Jul 042013

zipper 1745zipper simplify pencil on black 1747 zipper bleach bypass 1748zipper fisheye 1746

I’ve been watching a lot of the tutorials for Topaz and Aperture.  In this series, I took a simple photo of the zipper on my wallet and experimented with several of the Topaz products. From the left to right, top to bottom: Topaz B&W, Topaz, Topaz Adjust, Topaz Simplify and Topaz Lens Effect.  It’s fun to find a subject to play with.


  4 Responses to “2013-105 ZIPPER”

  1. Ron beat me to the Andy Warhol comment, although he deserved first place as Rom is old enough to remember the 60s! These are super interpretations of that single image. I don’t use Topaz and was unaware of its ability to create these effects. thanks for sharing.

  2. VERY cool processing….love it!!

  3. Nice to see the way the same image can be developed so differently. Love the Topaz products.

  4. Great perspective Andy Warhol

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