Jul 032013

railroad tracks 1741

This is a railroad bridge found when driving on AZ-95 near Parker, AZ. I’ve had this image on my bucket list to shoot for quite some time and since I had a dentist appointment in Parker ¬†yesterday– and was by myself — I stopped on the side of the road to finally take a photo.

One of my staycation goals is to learn more about using the Topaz suite of products. I used tone mapping on this photo to help bring out the Wild West look.  

Here is the original photo for comparison:
railroad tracks original 1742

I am grateful for any comments, good or bad!


  2 Responses to “2013-102 TRAIN TRACKS”

  1. That looks like an Arroyo that Sally described near Las Vegas which flooded over the rails then went bone dry again in under two hours – Scared her.

  2. Love the warm, deep details in the processed photo.

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