Feb 132011

This is a composite of two photos… I took the photo of the family today but it was in the middle of a runway at one of the outdoor shows with lots of people and other things distracting the image.  I used Topaz ReMask from Photoshop to cut out the family.  The background is from an image that I took on January’s desert run…  After merging the two photos together, I ran it through Topaz Adjust.  I saved it as a .Tiff file and imported it into Aperture to do a bit of touch up on the image and then did one final pass to Topaz DeNoise.

The members of the Freedman family are Ty (Dad), Kristin (Mom), August (Cool Baby), and Tristin (Cook Kid).  The Freedman family own the RV Park that I live and work in.   The reason that I haven’t been posting any photos of late is because I have been working too much.  I guess it is appropriate that first day off and first photo blog post, I should take a photo of the some of the Freedman family.

I hope to get back to posting and commenting on fellow blogger photos this week!

  9 Responses to “20. Family”

  1. Great job on this!

  2. Great job on the compositing! I love the hat too.

  3. Remask did a great job here. I could not tell that they were standing on the beach.

  4. Your processing is wonderful & you have inspired me to begin to learn how to better process an image.All I know how to do is maybe add a texture & use levels!lololol It is so fantastic what you have accomplished in this photo

  5. Awesome editing….that baby it the cutest!

  6. That looks great would never know. Love the hat on the boy!

  7. Wonderful editing, but who cares, THAT DUDE IN THE FRONT IS MR COOL HIMSELF WHAT A FILM STAR, The baby is cute, But that cap was created for him and him alone.

  8. Fabulous composite. Wouldn’t have known if you wouldn’t have told us…

  9. very nice job putting the two photos together! That baby IS cool.

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