Jan 282011

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/400; 100mm (Canon SX10)

I took this photo in the middle of the afternoon yesterday.  When I shot it, I was hoping for a silhouette, but in fact it was just a dull, overly pixelated image of the perfect Quail shot.   (Anyone following my 2010 blog knows that these Quails are always teasing me.)  So, with a little help from both Topaz and Aperture I was able to turn this into the shot I was aiming for in the first place.

Do I recall how I did it?  Let’s see…  In Topaz Simplify, I used Image CrispEdge, with the Brightness turned to -40.  This turned into the 2 color photo. When I brought it back to Aperture, I had to use the touch up paintbrush in two areas that persisted in being the “wrong” color.   I then turned the Blue Luminance all the way up and the Black Point up to 20, this darkened the sky and improved the silhouette.   I then ran it though Topaz DeNoise to smooth it out, however there was still some residual blotchiness in the sky.  I tried several things but Topaz Detail Edge Softener did the final trick. (Yes, this surprised me too!)

Here is the original as requested by Gisele!

Original before edits!

  17 Responses to “19. Silhouette”

  1. nice contrasts

  2. It is so neat you got this theme completed. I think it will be a hard onef or me.Yours turned out great & the feather out of the head is especially interesting

  3. Catching up and loving the graphic quality of the elusive quail, great job. I love the look of quail and hope many more come your way.

  4. A great silhouette. I like the detailed tail feathers and the topknot.

  5. Love your processing. thanks for sharing how you did it.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Result is very graphic looking.

  7. Good call to make it into a silhouette–it’s a perfect profile.

  8. That is definitely a quail, no mistake. Your processing makes for a great silhouette.

  9. Great graphic art image! I love how you turned a ho-hum photo into a stunner.

  10. Great processing. Being new to Topaz it is very helpful to see how others use it.

  11. Fabulous result after all your tweakings with the settings.

  12. I love quail. We used to see lots of them at our former address. The silhouette is very crisp.

  13. really nice. I’d love to see the “before” shot – I think it would be helpful in getting my mind to understand how you got to “after”.

    • Gisele… I just included the BEFORE shot. Thanks for the suggestion!

      • thanks for adding it! You did a fabulous job with the processing. I might have discarded a similar original shot, but you’ve given me some ideas that there is still hope for shots that might not interest you at first.

  14. turned out perfect, I like the simplicity with just blue an dblack and the bird as the only silouette

  15. Topaz is a lifesaver in most of my images! I am loving the simplicity of this shot!

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