Jan 272011

SX80; f/4.5; 1/100; 13mm (Canon SX10)

Meet Daisy and her fancy footwear for all the gravel walking that one must do in Quartzsite. I met her on the way into the RV Show at the Big Tent today.

  12 Responses to “16. Footwear”

  1. Nice pose you caught of Daisy, I bet those save her from lots of cuts and burns on her paws.

  2. LOL! What a great image.

  3. Stylin’ footwear on Daisy. She looks cool!

  4. Interesting… in Sweden dogs walk around on any surface without shoes :-)

  5. Daisy in her ‘flats’ looks very stylish.

  6. that is just way too funny for word…doggie slippers…what will that think of next and why

  7. Doggy slippers…neat!

  8. Western Dogs wear Bandanas too? so Cool!

  9. So stylish! Cool colors, too!

  10. I’ve never seen dog-boots before; I do remember that the resuce dogs at the 9/11 site were given boots to protect their feet.

  11. I have never really seen doggie footwear, but they are cool. My dogs would want them if I showed it to them.

  12. we are seeing a lot of doggy footwear here because of the salt needed for the ice.

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