Jan 272011

ISO80; f/5; 1/1000; 31.9mm (Canon SX10 from passenger seat in car)

We went up to Lake Havasu City on Monday… partially to get out of Quartzsite.  As you can see the stream of RVs and cars coming into to town as we headed north.  This sewer truck in front us of made me laugh.  These trucks are very busy this time of  with thousands of RVs parked out in the desert needing their black tanks pumped out… its a dirty job but someone has to do it.

  10 Responses to “15. Humor”

  1. Clever tag line! I wonder how far it gets hauled.

  2. That is funny – in a weird sort of way!

  3. That is so funny! Never seen anything like it…

  4. guess they have to be humourous to do that job, great fun and catch. how did you manage to get right in behind that one 😉

  5. Now I’ve seen everything – wonder where that truck is headed to now.

  6. wonder how many didn’t get it?

  7. Oh…that it just to funny!

  8. You gave me my first laugh of the morning!

  9. That is VERY funny! I did knda wonder how holding tanks were handles at Quartzite.

  10. hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

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