Jan 172011

I thought it would be fun to put the whole story together in one picture.  This whole project from start to finish, took only 30 minutes.

If this is your starting point… you can jump back to the first photo and see each image individually and by theme.

All photos were taken without a tripod… just handheld.   I also had the camera set in P mode the majority of the time… although I did experiment, I believe the photos that I used for this exercise were when I had the camera in P mode.

All photos were run through Topaz DeJpeg and then minor adjustments made in Aperture.   This particular photo was put together in PSE.

The glassblower’s name is Jason Kimmel at www.ForestLampworking.com

  24 Responses to “14. Glass”

  1. This series on glassblowing is magical, Judi. Not only the subject, but your skill and vision to catch the artist in creation in such a vibrant way.

  2. Beautiful series of shots. I love watching glassblowing and have considered taking classes, except the only nearby spot is still over an hour away. Very nice.

  3. Great details and colors!

  4. It was almost like being there watching this in person, very cool presentation!!

  5. The sequence is interesting, but I especially love the top photo. I think that I’d have rejected the background as beig too busy–but it absolutely WORKS. It teaches me to be a little more open in what I considre to be good photo ops.

  6. That is a great series of photos showing how this particular artist. Fascinating!

  7. I really like the way you told the story here. I like that some are close-up and some are farther away.

  8. This is quite the story you tell! I love how you have put it all together and we get to see it all. Great clarity and wonderful angles.

  9. I do like photos to tell a story, as yours does. I know more about this art than ever before. The colors are very true and the focus is sharp. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I agree with Tammy……and the clarity of your pix is outstanding.

  11. What a great storyboard of pictures…I feel like I was there watching him do it! I love the bright colors and all of the different stages! I could hardly wait to see what was next! This picture w/ the glow is very cool!

  12. Wow, wow, wow! What a great series you’ve created. I really like the colors and your composition and the story you’ve captured with the series is captivating.

  13. Real nice detail and clarity to your images!

  14. love the story line. and his work and yours is amazing. colors are really great

  15. really beautiful series. You captured the colors and details so well!

  16. Wonderful series beautifully photographed.

  17. Wow, this series is outstanding! I felt like I was there…the colors were so vivid and your point of view was perfect to visualize each step. Wonderful!

  18. Judi wonderful array and glad you weren’t too heavy with the Topaz, in WordPress this would be a wonderful slideshow project, do you have that Option?

    • Thanks, Ron. As much as I am enjoying Topaz, this series didn’t seem to need it. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out how to get Slideshow to work and am giving up!

  19. Unbelievable sequence of shots Judi, very impressive indeed as I’m sure you were hoping for many good photos to showcase the skill of this glassblower. They are all so clear and bright, well done on the processing and presentation, I loved it all.

  20. a great story, glad you made this so we could follow the whole process. wonderfully colorful and sharp. Turned out to a great pendant, could you resist buying it?

    • Thanks Christina… I have learned that the best way to visit these shows is with only spare batteries in my pocket and NO MONEY. There is so much I want to take home with me. I only did about 1/4 of the show on Wednesday and I hope to get back out today and see more of the rocks and gemstones.

  21. What a great presentation! I’m inspired to try. I love the close ups and colors.

  22. What a great series! Great job capturing the flame.

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