Dec 042008

December 4, 2008 —

Petersen Clark Expedition buys a mobile home!

Petersen Clark Expedition buys a mobile home!

Last Friday, we bought a 2000 36′ Fleetwood Southwind Motorhome and have been living in it and shaking out the bugs since then.  We have been staying in Tucson, near the RV dealer, for this exercise.


Tomorrow (Friday) we drive to Quartzsite, Arizona for the winter.  Carl will drive the RV and I’ll follow in the Prius.  

So what do we think?  WE LOVE IT!

I’ll have photos posted soon.

Sorry that I’ve been negligent on this travel blog… While we were making so many decisions it was too difficult to write — we were so all over the shop in the past few weeks, we would have come off truly crazy if I had shared what everything that we were thinking.

Also, I had a weak Internet connection in the hotel that we stayed at, which made it impossible to get a lot done.  This week I bought the Verizon Wireless so now I have no more excuses — unless I exceed my allocated bandwidth…

More soon….

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