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The Apple Store -- What color iPod do you want?

The Chandler, AZ Apple Store -- What color iPod do you want?

 October 16, 2008 — It’s been two days since Steve Jobs and Apple announced the release of the new aluminum unibody MacBook. We headed over to the Tucson Apple store for the third time.  We went over the day of the announcement and learned that when Jobs says they are being shipped to the stores today, it is all very literal.  They have shipped but not arrived yet.  So we went back yesterday and learned that they had arrived but the store can’t set up the new computers until it closes for the day.  We considered buying without touching but (fortunately) they didn’t have the one we wanted unboxed yet.  They suggested we come back after 4 pm, but we decided that it would probably be safer to go back in the morning. So we did. And guess what, they “sold out” already.  Of course, at that point Carl was going to get a MacBook Pro like mine. 



Carl looking at some new iMacs

Carl looking at some new iMacs - note the HD camcorders that would integrate so well with my MacBook Pro and travelblog.....

We decided to drive to Phoenix, which is only 90 miles away.  Beautiful drive, of course.  There is always so much to see – mountains, and more mountains, an Ostrich Farm, and whole communities in the process of being born in the desert. It looks like one day you won’t be able to tell the difference between Tucson and Phoenix.

But I didn’t take any photos.  Sometimes, I just feel like looking at things.


Having had our short rendezvous in Phoenix a couple weeks earlier, we knew that the Chandler store was the closest of the three options — and we arrived at the Chandler Fashion Mall without any traffic or other hassles.  Again, the GPS never lets us down.

This mall is still more interesting than our malls in New England, but not nearly as fancy (and high fallutin) as the one in Tucson Foothills.  It is probably about three times, maybe four times the size of the Pleasant Lane Mall. Good thing we were told which end of the mall to start looking for the store.


Carl relaxed with his MacBook

Carl relaxed with his MacBook -- You can see my on the table to the right. This is our extended stay room in Tucson.

Carl decided to take another look at the MacBook and the MacBook Pro and this time he decided, and I agreed, that the MacBook would be sufficient for travel.  He has a beautiful iMac that will be sent to us when we settle down, so need to replace the desk top. I have a MacBook Pro because it is my desktop on the road and at home. I have an second monitor and keyboard for when I’m not traveling.  All along Carl wanted the 13″ MacBook but did not want to buy until after the announcement since rumor had it that Apple was going to put it out in the Aluminum like mine.  Turns out, they made it even better — but I’m trying not to let that make me jealous.  But it is nice. 


The real upside is that now I don’t have to share my computer anymore.  And anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t share well! Right, Lupe?

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  1. All this tech-talk is over my head. :(

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